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While it is not the most enjoyable part about owning a pool, pool maintenance is very important. It can help prevent long-term damage and even save you money in the process.

It does not have to be a daunting chore, either. Creating a pool maintenance schedule makes keeping your pool in great shape quick and easy.

The Importance of Pool Maintenance

Properly maintaining your pool is important because it can help you correct chemical levels, which reduces the risk of damage and saves you money on supplies.

Correct Chemical Levels

Chemical levels can fluctuate a lot in a short period of time. If you only test your pool water once a month, you might not catch a problem in time. Weekly testing helps you identify chemical fluctuations before they can develop into a problem.

Reduce the Risk of Damage

A chemical imbalance can cause permanent damage to your pool. This includes corrosion and wearing down the wall linings. Regular maintenance will make sure this doesn’t occur.

Saves You Money

Pool maintenance can also save you money. Regular testing will help you determine the exact amount of each chemical to use and how often. The less often you have to buy chemicals, the more money you will save over time.

How to Create a Schedule for Pool Maintenance

When creating your pool maintenance schedule, it is important to consider a few factors: how much you use it, who is helping you maintain it, and how much time you can realistically dedicate to it each week.


Knowing how often you use your pool and how many people use it at once will determine how much maintenance is required. If you host a lot of pool parties, your upkeep will be a lot more involved than if you only use it once a week.


Another aspect to consider when creating your schedule is who is completing the maintenance. Delegating jobs to your friends and family or even hiring help can lighten the load. If you are doing all of the work, however, make sure you are able to maintain the schedule you set for yourself.


Perhaps the most important factor that contributes to your schedule is how much time you have for maintenance. Take into account how many hours each week you can realistically spend on it, and when you have the most time during the week. This will help you make sure you do not get overwhelmed.

Creating Your Schedule

Your pool maintenance schedule can be broken up into three categories; daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.

Depending on what works best for you, that might look something like this:


  • Check water levels.
  • Skim debris off the surface of the water and check the skimmer basket.


  • Test chemical levels in the water and add more as needed.
  • Shock your pool.
  • Check the filtration system.
  • Clean the pool deck.


  • Test the salt, calcium, and cyanuric acid levels.
  • Thoroughly clean the filter and cartridges.

Building Your Custom Pool

Now that you know how to properly maintain a pool, the next step is to contact your local pool builder, Pools by Design. Our staff has the knowledge to design and install a custom pool to meet all of your needs.

To learn more about pool installation in Tucson, contact Pools by Design today.