b'ENERGY EFFICIENCYWhen you build a custom pool, its important to consider not only the upfront cost, but also the cost of maintenance. Installing energy-efficient features can save you money in the long run on electricity and utility costs. We offer features such as high-efficiency LED lights, in-floor circulation systems, and variable speed pumps. These help to keep your pool running efficiently while using less energy.IN-FLOOR SYSTEMSThe A&A in-floor cleaning & circulation system takes pool automation to a new level. Using cutting-edgeVenturi technology, the in-floor system hydraulically sweeps your pool floor while circulating water from the bottom up. This delivers sanitized, warm water to every area of your pool while simultaneously generating energy via the Venturi. This results in cleaner water and energy savings.VARIABLE SPEED PUMPSAs the heart of your circulation system, your pool pump is critical for maintaining a clean and balancedpool. Badly-circulated water throws off your water chemistry and promotes algae growth and otherunpleasant specimens. A variable speed pump is able to circulate water effectively to prevent these issues while dramatically reducing electrical consumption.SALT WATER SYSTEMSSalt water pools function by turning salt into chlorine through a salt-chlorine generator. These pools have water that feels smoother and is more pleasant to swim in. Salt water systems are easier on your body and wont leave you with the same dry skin and itchy eyes that can come from swimming in a traditional chlorine pool.'