Pool Lights

Utilizing LED lights in your pool versus an incandescent lights can significantly improve the aesthetic of your pool while simultaneously saving you money and energy. These lights are not only more durable, offer a higher variety of colors, brighter, and require less maintenance, they are just plain cooler. Making sure your pool lights fit your visual expectations is just as important as the technical aspects. If you are investing time and resources into the building and designing of your pool, you will want to make sure your time and energy is considered after the process as well.

Benefits of using LED Lights in your pool

Choosing LED lights for amazing illumination in your swimming oasis benefits your wallet, your time, and the environment. The aesthetic and practicality of an LED light bulb will have you never using another incandescent bulb in your life.

Brighter Lights

LED lights are known to have a higher lumen/watt score than both incandescent lights and fluorescent lights, making them appear brighter and more vibrant. Everyone wants their pool lights to be glowing while not being overwhelming; this is why LED light bulbs are the perfect pool lights for your home.

Less Energy and Heat

The bright light you get from LED lights is due to the minimal energy needed. Each bulb requires less power than the average incandescent bulb, making the built-in heat sink and produce brighter light. The LED light bulbs will significantly last longer, require less frequent maintenance, and the usage costs will also be lower. What a deal!


There is a color that comes with every holiday: Red/White/Blue for Fourth of July or Orange for Halloween. If you enjoy having company over often, you can align your pool LED lights with the time or season. LED lights come in every color which makes it fun to switch up the colors according to the occasion. Enhance your aesthetic appeal with LED pool lights.


An average incandescent light tends to last around a year. It is inconvenient to have to change the bulbs every year. LED lights, on the other hand, produce equivalent to more light that can last anywhere between 15-20 years. They are also using less energy, so you are saving money and the environment! Your pool lights will have you feeling relaxed while knowing you are contributing to society.


It is ideal to have your pool lights glowing to the point that you can see it from miles away; however, you need to keep in mind eye safety in this process. The human eye perceives LED lights as brighter and bluer. This means you can get adequate illumination with less LED lights than if you used incandescent lights. Using LED as your pool lights are free from harm.

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