Energy-Efficient Variable Speed  Pumps

As the heart of your circulation system, your pool pump is critical for maintaining a clean and balanced pool. Choosing between single-speed or variable speed pool pumps is a crucial element of your pool decision-making. Badly circulated water throws off your water chemistry and promotes algae growth and other unpleasant specimens that quickly take over. When the pool pump is running, water circulates through the filtration system, removing debris and returning filtered, clean water into the pool.

Traditional single-speed pumps only have one speed - high. When turned on, the pump runs at full speed whether your pool needs it or not. This is the most significant energy drain in your pool’s system and is the main reason for those unexpectedly high electricity bills during the summer months. Not to mention the accelerated wear on your pool equipment, which brings with it accelerated repair costs.

Variable Speed  Pumps

Pentair IntelliFlo® Variable Speed 

Variable speed pumps are adjustable, so your pump speed (which translates into energy requirement) matches your pool’s immediate needs. This allows for efficient movement of water through the circulation system and reduced energy requirements. The energy savings of variable speed pumps are so significant that many states are requiring them for new pool construction. There are a variety of variable speed pumps currently on the market, many offering similar technology and some claiming to deliver up to 90% energy savings!

Variable speed pumps can also eliminate the need for a second pump. For example, when adding a water feature or running the spa, more flow is needed. Traditionally you would need two pumps or a larger than necessary pump. With a variable speed pump, the speeds adjust to accommodate the water features or spa when they are running. This puts less strain on the system and ultimately consumes less energy.

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