The Benefits of a Simple Landscape Design

Pools by Design does more than creating your dream pool and spa. We also help you customize a landscape design to create an outdoor space that matches your vision. When it comes to landscaping, you can custom design whatever atmosphere you prefer. While some homes look great with a flashy backyard, you may want something more understated for your outdoor living space. We will work with you to create a yard that you are happy with, and for many homeowners, this translates to a simple, classic landscape.

Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing a more simple landscape:

Low Maintenance

When you create your landscape, you should consider both how you want it to look and the amount of effort you are willing to put into maintenance. The Southern Arizona heat makes it harder to grow certain plants. While lots of vibrant flowers and tropical plants can look great, you will need to commit to a lot of upkeep to maintain that look.

A simple landscape design doesn’t have to be boring. In many cases, you can make use of rock features or landscape architecture in order to add flair to classic landscaping design. Both of these options keep it simple and require little to no effort to keep them looking beautiful.  

Less Expensive

Building a custom swimming pool and choosing a landscape design to accompany it can get expensive very quickly. When you start a project such as creating a customized backyard, you likely have a budget in mind. Everyone has different priorities for the money they spend on yard design.

When you choose a simple landscape design, you free up more money for other projects. For example, you may want to create an extravagant pool with complex water features. Spending less money on landscaping may make this option more affordable. You could also use the money you save for an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, or gorgeous patio furniture.

Minimalist Landscape Design

Simplicity has become more of a trend in recent years. Going for minimalist landscape design can actually be a deliberate decision. One example of this that is common in Tucson, AZ is called “xeriscaping.” This is a design that focuses on rocks and a small number of desert plants such as cacti. Although the design elements are minimal, the results are often striking.

Choosing a minimalist route for your landscape design also helps your pool and home stand out. If you go big for every aspect of your custom backyard, you may realize that it’s difficult for any one element to capture attention. Keeping certain areas simple is a great option to direct focus.

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Landscape Design

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Why You Should Use Palm Trees In Your Landscaping

Once you build a custom pool, you should create a backyard landscape that best highlights your new investment. At Pools by Design, we do more than help you build the pool of your dreams. We also create a landscape design that matches the style of your pool and your home. One great option for your landscaping is to include palm trees. These trees give a tropical feel to your yard but are also incredibly easy to grow in the Tucson climate. If you’re looking for a landscaping idea that is easy to maintain without looking basic, this is the way to go.

Here are a few of the reasons you should use palm trees in your landscape design:

Easy Maintenance

When you decide how to design your backyard landscape, you need to consider both form and function. You want something that looks unique and gorgeous, but you should also think about the effort of maintaining your design. More lush and green designs look great but require hours and hard work to keep them looking great.

Not everyone wants to spend their precious time maintaining a backyard. Palm trees thrive in Tucson’s climate, so you won’t have to worry about complicated maintenance. In fact, you probably see these trees growing all over Arizona. That is because they add elegance to any landscape, but without all the work.

Tropical Feel

A custom pool and spa can make your backyard feel like a vacation destination. Your landscape design should complement this so that when you go for a swim you feel far away from all of your daily concerns. Palm trees create a tropical feel for your yard, and it can make you feel like you are in a resort by the beach every time you go for a swim.

There are many different types of palm trees, so you can customize your landscape design by choosing the varieties you like best. One great option for a tropical ambiance is pygmy date palms. These are smaller plants and easier to maintain. You can also go with Mexican fan palms, a more common variety in Arizona.

Privacy Palm Trees

You can choose taller palm trees to surround your pool and create a sense of privacy and seclusion. When you place palms around your pool, it provides a natural barrier so that you will feel like you are in a resort or on a gorgeous island. Although planting close to the pool may require more maintenance to remove debris from the pool water, it can be well worth it for the luxury it creates.

Date palms are one of your best options for a natural palm tree barrier, as they can grow up to 75 feet tall. Pineapple palms are another great option. Although they are slow growing, they eventually reach heights of up to 60 feet. Both of these species of palm feature sturdy single trunks and make a great tropical accent for your landscape.

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Palm Trees

From palm trees to classic desert landscaping, Pools by Design will work with you to create a landscape design that matches your custom pool.

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Transforming a Desert Landscape Into a Lush Oasis

Your pool is not the only thing that guests will notice about your backyard. Your landscape design is a huge factor is how your backyard looks. When it comes to landscaping, you have many options. What you choose will likely depend on how your pool and home are designed. For traditional pools and classic desert homes, a natural desert landscape is a great option. However, if you want a yard that looks less like the desert and more like a vacation destination, then you may be interested in a lush oasis design.

There are many steps in transforming a desert landscape into a tropic oasis.

Native Plants vs. Tropical Plants

Most desert landscape designs make use of desert plants that grow easily in Arizona. If you prefer a more tropical feel to your backyard, you will need to branch out from the standard native plants of the Sonoran desert. Although it can be difficult to create the proper conditions for these gorgeous non-native plants, it can be well worth it to have a backyard unlike anyone else’s.

Here are a few ideas for unique plants you can grow in Arizona:

  • Palm trees. Palm trees are actually relatively easy to grow in Arizona, but you can plant them strategically to make it feel like you are on an island in your own yard.
  • Orchids. Orchids have beautiful multi-colored flowers, and you do not often see them growing in Tucson backyards. However, with the proper maintenance, growing an orchid tree is definitely possible.
  • Plumerias. These flowers are typical of Hawaii and have a very sweet smell. These flowers will not do well in direct sun, but if you place them under partial shade they can grow by your Arizona pool.
  • Tropical Birds of Paradise. This is another flower that many people associate with Hawaiian resorts. Although it may seem daunting, these plants are actually very tolerant of Arizona’s heat.

Designing Around Your Custom Pool

When you create a landscape design, you should consider how it interacts with your custom pool. Creating a strip of lush tropical plants around your pool’s border is a great way to help it stand out from the desert landscape around it. However, you may not want such a large contrast between your pool and the rest of your yard. As with any other design decisions, your best bet is to find a balance that works for you.

You may not be comfortable maintaining an entire backyard of non-native plants, but may find that contrasting sections of desert gardens and tropical flowers will work best for you. You may also decide that you want to highlight your pool and only put lush landscaping directly around the border. Whatever you desire, Pools by Design can help you create it.

Maintaining Your Landscape Design

Aside from aesthetic choices, you want to make sure that you feel comfortable with the long-term maintenance of your landscaping. While flowers and tropical trees look beautiful, you will likely have to perform more maintenance on your pool when leaves fall into it. You also need to make sure to maintain the soil around your unique landscape design so that the plants grow probably.

Transform your desert landscape into a lush oasis with Pools by Design.

As you make these decisions, Pools by Design will help you decide what works best for your home and your backyard.

Whether you choose a traditional desert landscape or a lush oasis, we will turn your vision into a reality. Call us today for a free price estimate.