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Building your Dream Traditional Pool

Not everyone prefers an intricate pool with elaborate, expensive features. We custom design pools to match your home’s style. Every home is different, so every pool is different! Traditional pools are most common choice for homeowners because offer a classic atmosphere that gives your home a sense of comfort and understated simplicity. They often have a traditional shape, like an oval or a square. The coping, the name for the top of a pool’s wall that gives a finished look and protects the wall from outside elements, is distinct in a traditional pool. It often features brick or paving stones outlining the perimeter.

The most appealing aspect of a traditional swimming pool is the cost. Building a pool can be expensive, so budgeting plays a vital role in the process. If you want all the benefits of your own backyard pool without the cost of an intricate custom design, a traditional pool is a great option. You can lay out in the sun, go for a swim, or host a barbecue with family and friends. This is why building your own pool is a fun process. You have a say in how you want it to look according to your lifestyle. If you want a pool that lets your home shine without too many bells and whistles, Pools by Design can deliver your vision. We can collaborate with you to produce a traditional pool at a good price. You can rest assured that even if the design is basic, our craftsmanship is always extraordinary. We build your pool so it will last for years to come.

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Your new traditional pool is just one phone call away. We are excited to begin the journey of building your dream backyard oasis with you. We can customize your traditional pool however you would like. We can meet to discuss your preferred shape, size, landscaping, and any other additional features of your traditional pool. Get started today! Contact Pools by Design Pools at 520-797-6675 today.

A traditional style swimming pool in an Arizona backyard

Tucson  pool Design

Many people budget on the pool itself so they can spend more on the surroundings of the pool. These surroundings include any layout chairs, patio tables, fire pits, or decor. The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing your outside oasis. We also offer outdoor kitchens and landscaping, so if these options interest you, call us today! We look forward to creating the backyard of your dreams.

Traditional  swimming Pool

A preference for a simplistic pool does not mean you don’t want a gorgeous design. Traditional pools often attract homeowners don’t need an intricate design to feel good in their own home. A classic pool design lets your home shine. Any type of pool that you build in your backyard will provide you with the opportunity to get out of your house and soak up the Tucson heat. At Pools by Design, we tailor your needs that match your lifestyle. A traditional pool may be what you had in mind. We can help you decide exactly what design will complement your house and backyard.





At Pools by Design, our first priority during the current situation is the health and safety of our employees, clients, and the Tucson community. As a result, in-office consultations will be available by appointment only. If you prefer, we are also happy to meet with you virtually to discuss your new pool. We will continue to follow CDC guidelines and adjust as needed.

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