Since 2009, Pools by Design has serviced the Tucson metropolitan area with a spirited passion for pool design and construction teamed with genuine customer care. Today, company president Ken Larison and his entire team of designers, project managers, and technicians share a commitment to providing excellent service and mindful approach to granting clients the outdoor swimming space of their dreams.

Pools by Design offers its clients a thorough education before, during and after the design and construction process as well as continued pool care and maintenance.

“As our company has grown, it has been our focus on delivering many years of experience and a high level of project supervision that has resulted in a reputation built on exceptional customer service and client relationships. After 35 years in the industry, I still rush to my first project each day because I’m excited to see how the construction process brings my ideas to life.“

- Ken Larison

Let's make your dream a reality


Our Mission

Pools by Design is a team dedicated to providing custom comprehensive service from design through completion of swimming pools, spas, and other outdoor living features. We provide the best designers, project coordinators, and craftsmen in order to provide a seamless, quality, and professional outcome. Our company's success is created by one happy client at a time.

Our Commitment
to You

"Our focus is on providing guidance based on our many years of experience coupled with a commitment to conservation and intelligent design. So much of our success has come from a commitment to people, not only to our clients, but also subcontractors, vendors and fellow business professionals. Every day I ask for performance above and beyond on our projects. Our success is based on the willingness to serve."

- Ken Larison



Ken Larison is a graduate of the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science degree in Landscape Architecture. Ken enjoys working with customers and existing site conditions to create a design that flows comfortably while enhancing the view and surrounding architecture.



Maryanne Larison is a graduate of California Polytechnic University and finds great satisfaction in the design process. Her favorite part is seeing the look on her client's face once their dream backyard has become a reality.



Mark brings over 40 years of industry expertise to the team and has served as Chairman of the Board of the International Master Pool Guild, President of the Executive of the local chapter of the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals.



Candis is a graduate of Cal State Fullerton. Candis has been working with Pools by Design since they first opened. She is a valuable asset to the design team and has over 15 years of experience in the industry. She loves every aspect of the design process, from the team approach to the construction of the actual pool. There is nothing more satisfying to Candis than seeing the finished product when the project is complete.

Turning Your Vision Into A Backyard Reality

Nothing we do is "one size fits all", because we know that the human imagination can't be summed up or contained in one design. We work closely with every one of our clients to design and build custom pools that seamlessly blend into the architecture of your home.

Let's Start Designing


We live for designing and building custom pools and outdoor living spaces. Why? Because we know there's nothing more liberating and relaxing than the freedom to enjoy good times with family and friends in your very own backyard. That's why our team spends the time and the attention to detail in making that liberation and relaxation a reality for our clients in Southern Arizona.

We start with an interview by discovering how the extended living space will be used by each family member or guest(s) in your home. Pool safety is imperative to every family. We ask what the swimming skills of the entire family are, as well as the ages and activity levels. The family budget is also discussed in this initial interview. We always consider the total investment or monthly payments that work for you.

Our team will fine-tune the best design while considering your unique goals and desires. Once we refine our ideas, we draft a master plan which can incorporate extra features in addition to the main pool and/or spa.

To help you visualize how the design will look and feel, our team will convert the master plan into a 3D visual graphic using state-of-the-art pool studio software. This allows you to see your new swimming pool as if you are walking around and viewing the backyard from every angle. Our software also adds in sound effects from water features or fire pits.

Along with the swimming pool concept plan, Pools by Design will prepare an itemized estimate of pool construction costs. Your input at this point is critical. We itemize each element of the pool design as much as possible to give you the ability to understand the expenses and benefits that accompany each element.

The construction process will begin once you approve the final design and cost estimate. This will take several weeks and the exact timeline varies depending on the features you are including, the size of the pool, et cetera. We will keep you informed throughout the process.

After construction has been completed, it's time to enjoy your new pool! Adding a pool to your home is a fun experience and allows you to get outside and enjoy quality time spent with friends and family. We hope that your new pool will bring you many lifelong memories to create and remember.

Learn How Easy it is To Get Started With Our Special Offers

Pools by Design offers the most innovative virtual reality design; our team conceptualizes the key elements during your free design consultation. Choosing a pool builder can be a difficult aspect; as a commercial team, we offer the best pool products, period. The pool construction process is our specialty; our commercial experience is one of the reasons why we excel at projects like infinity pools, traditional pools, and pool and spa combinations. We then build on the outdoor living lifestyle by adding beautiful additions.