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a&a in-floor system

Conventional System

Only circulates water at the surface.

A&A Circulation System

Efficiently re-circulates sanitized, heated water evenly throughout the pool floor.

benefitsof the in-floor cleaning system


With such improved circulation (water distribution), your pool will require fewer chemicals to maintain a healthy swimming environment. It’s estimated that you’ll save up to 70% on chemical expenses. Plus, with fewer chemicals, the water will be gentler on your skin, easier on your pool equipment and lighter on the environment.


The A&A in-floor system utilizes venturi technology to perform more work with less energy. This means that your pump will move water more efficiently through the circulation system, reducing wear and tear on all system components and increasing the efficiency of your filter. The end result is a system that lasts longer and reduces maintenance, ultimately making your pool easier to use and own!


Several of the A&A system components have been designed to extend the life of your pool equipment. One example is QuikDekClor, which safely and efficiently distributes diluted sanitizer to your pool to eliminate the risk of equipment corrosion. Another is the QuikWaterLeveler that provides automated water leveling. There are also the QuikSkim and the LeafVac that work together for improved filtration and debris removal with less strain on the pump. The A&A system delivers improved performance with decreased demand on your pool equipment.


Finally, the A&A system offers a variety of safety features to create a safer swimming environment for you and your family. The A&A AVSC Drain has been recognized as the safest design on the market. This fully VGB compliant drain has been engineered to offer cost and energy savings while providing superior debris removal and a low profile design that fits flush with the pool floor. Most importantly, the drain goes beyond VGB standards to offer a second layer of protection for swimmers with its Safety Baffle design. This feature prevents the swimmer from coming in contact with the suction inlet even if the cover is broken or missing (the leading cause of most swimmer entrapment incidents).

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