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All About Pool Plumbing

Water that is kept clear using pool plumbing components

There are many elements to a pool plumbing system that work together to keep your swimming pool functioning properly. If you are interested in installing a pool in your backyard, it is helpful to have some knowledge about how each part works together. Educating yourself about every aspect, including those you don’t see, can help […]


Best Pool Features for Children and Families

A turtle detail on a tanning ledge, a great pool feature for children and families

A swimming pool in your backyard offers countless opportunities for relaxing, playing water games, and bonding as a family. If you plan to build one, including different pool features for children can benefit the whole family by increasing safety and fun. Create your kids’ dream pool with these five features: 1. Diving Board A diving […]


Minimalist Pool and Backyard Ideas

A minimalist pool in Tucson, AZ

Minimalism is a prominent factor in contemporary design, following the principle of “less is more.” Many homeowners opt for this style because it complements their modern homes. Minimalist pools reduce the space to its most basic elements of water and geometry and only require a few components to create a luxurious atmosphere. Here are five […]


How to Cool Down Your Pool

Pool fountains which can help cool down your pool in the summer months

Cooling off on a hot summer day is one of the biggest perks of pool ownership. However, in sunny states like Arizona, warm weather can quickly heat the temperature of your pool. Luckily, there are several ways to lower water temperature and cool down your pool so you can enjoy a refreshing swim all summer […]


How Does an Infinity Pool Work?

An example of how an infinity pool works

Infinity pools, also known as infinity-edge pools, create the illusion that they extend into the horizon. In the past, these dazzling designs were typically only present at high-end resorts. Now, it’s possible to install one in your own backyard. Because of their unique design, many people wonder how exactly an infinity pool works. The concept […]


Designing the Perfect Poolside Experience

A gorgeous poolside set-up

Picture your dream pool and how you would use it. Chances are that you aren’t only picturing time spent in the pool itself, although this is certainly a big part of the experience. You’re also probably thinking about lounging poolside and listening to the sound of water features, cooking a meal for your family on […]

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