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Should You Be Concerned About Cracks In Your Pool?

An example of deep cracks in your pool

Along with owning a swimming pool comes maintenance. While most in-ground pools are solid and built to last for years, they will occasionally need repairs if you don’t properly care for them. If you see cracks beginning to form in your pool, you may wonder how significant the damages are. Let’s take a closer look […]


How We Create Custom Pools

An example of one of the custom pools we've created

A pool can take your backyard to the next level. It can become an ideal location to spend time with family, host a party, or simply relax. One of the best things about building a pool is that you can create it with your specific needs and desires in mind. At Pools By Design, we […]


Enjoying Your Pool In Cold Weather

A fire pit, one example of enjoying your pool in cold weather

As the weather starts to cool down in the fall and winter, your pool will likely see less use, even in sunny Tucson. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your pool in cold weather. There are many creative ways to get the most out of your backyard oasis year-round. Here are some ways you […]


What Can Pool Remodeling Change?

An example of a pool remodeling project in progress

If your pool no longer brings you the joy it once did, it might be time for a renovation. Pool remodeling can range from making a few updates to completely transforming your existing pool to create something new. There are many different elements you can choose to change during a remodel. Some of these include: […]


Should You Use a Pool Cover?

A pool cover over blue water

In cold climates, it’s often necessary to cover pools during the winter to keep them from freezing. There are also covers that are designed for year-round use. These can minimize debris in the pool and some are designed to prevent unauthorized access for safety purposes. There are multiple benefits to using a pool cover, but […]


Reasons to Build a Pool During the Fall or Winter

An example of the results of building a pool during the fall or winter

Most people associate pools with the summertime, although in sunny Arizona, we often have an extended swimming season. However, you don’t need to build your pool during the same time you would swim in it. In fact, there are many reasons to build a pool during the fall or winter. Here are a few: 1. […]

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