Since 2009, Pools by Design has serviced the Tucson metropolitan area with a spirited passion for pool design and construction teamed with genuine customer care. Today, company president Ken Larison and his entire team of designers, project managers, and technicians share a commitment to providing excellent service and mindful approach to granting clients the outdoor swimming space of their dreams.

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Pools by Design offers the most innovative virtual reality design, our team conceptualizes the key elements during your free design consultation. Choosing a pool builder can be a difficult aspect, as a commercial team, we are built to offer the best pool products, period. Now is the time to get your own personal massage therapist with our custom spas, the spa benefits are amazing! The pool construction process is our specialty, our commercial experience is one of the reasons why we excel at projects like infinity pools, traditional pools, pool & spa combinations. We then build on the outdoor living lifestyle by adding beautiful additions.

the pools by designDifference 

In our many years of experience, the team at Pools by Design has learned that the following features really make the difference in how much you enjoy the lasting quality and ease of maintenance of your swimming pool.

pebble tec

Pebble Technology (Pebble Tec) provides quality control products that fit every color scheme and provide durability not found in other pool finishes. The interior finish is both beautiful and strong and will last for many years to come.

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exclusive turboclean xtreme in-floor cleaning system

Our in-floor cleaning system is custom designed and engineered to fit your pool, including steps, benches, and even your spa. The system is color-matched to blend with the interior of your pool and fires a Venturi-powered jet stream of water to push debris to the specialized heavy debris channel drain, which efficiently filters out leaves and sand. When these jets are combined with the powerful QuikSkim Venturi skimmer, the TurboClean Xtreme system is unmatched in its delivery of a perfect top-to-bottom clean pool.

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lounging ledge

Popular pool designs often include a shallow lounging ledge to provide a safe play area for young children and a great place for in-water furniture. Lagoons provide a favorite family hang-out spot to cool off on those hot summer days.

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variable speed pumps

The innovative and extremely energy-efficient Pentair Intelliflo Variable Speed and Flow (VSF) pump is the heart of our circulation system. This pump is designed to operate at the perfect flow rate for your individual system and will provide the best cleaning and circulation while operating at the lowest daily energy cost.

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LED color lighting

Pentair’s Microbrite Color Low Voltage LED will turn your pool into your own personal light show with a soft glow of color-changing lights. Energy-efficient and long-lasting lights make your pool the center of attention for evening entertainment while keeping your family safe.

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travertine paver decking

Natural stone travertine paver decking that is durable, beautiful, and cool to the touch. This natural stone comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and patterns. Travertine is easy to add, so budgets can be met while allowing for future expansion.

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pool automation

For ease of maintenance and convenience of operation, Pools by Design provides a digital control system that can be operated by an application on your smartphone or even with your Alexa or other smart home device. No more stumbling around in the dark to turn on your pool lights or fire up your spa. Just pick up your phone and the easy-to-use control system is ready.

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automatic fill system

At Pools by Design, our standard pool always has an automatic fill system that will keep the water at a constant level, making maintenance easier and less demanding.

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poolside chlorine feeder

The QuikDekClor provides efficient and effective chlorine distribution while protecting your pool’s system from chemical wear and tear. With its easy-to-access poolside installation, managing your pool’s chlorine level has never been more convenient.

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Pools by Design uses the highest-quality materials and labor to craft the backyard of your dreams. We strive to make our pools low maintenance, fun, and safe while preserving their natural beauty.

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A pool is a large investment, so it’s important to pick the best builders for the job. At Pools by Design, we include state-of-the-art features in our pools to help make maintenance easier and to ensure the longevity of your pool.

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