different kinds ofwater features


A spillover spa is when a custom-designed spa is built above the pool. This feature connects the pool and the spa as water spills or trickles from your hot tub into the swimming pool. This feature is pleasing to watch and creates a calming atmosphere. Many people customize this feature into their backyard oasis because of the aesthetic appeal it adds to their backyard property.

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A rain curtain can come in all different styles. This is a wide sheet of water that can be placed onto a wall, can fall into your pool, or can even hang from your roof. There are endless ways you can design a rain curtain into your oasis. This is a very deluxe and extravagant water feature, which makes your backyard oasis appear even more elegant. This feature can be expensive, but since it enhances the value of your home, it is worth the money.

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This is probably the most common type of water feature that homeowners build in their pool. You can customize your waterfall by placing it wherever you would like in your pool and deciding how you want it to look. A pool waterfall spills out from a horizontal spout placed on a tiled or decorative wall near the pool. This can be a fun water feature to swim through or under, and it is especially fun for children.

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From spillovers to floating, there are many different ways you can incorporate a fountain into your pool. You can place your fountains along the edges to give a sprinkler look or you can even put it outside the pool alongside your landscaping to enhance the look of your swimming oasis. Our team is skilled in designing and building all types of pool fountains. They can be coming out of the walls, in the shallow or deep end, or over the pool. Regardless of your expectations, we can work with you to see all of the possibilities for your pool.

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