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Each of our swimming pools are custom designed and built to industry leading quality standards. Pools and spas can be an important part of your life; whether it's an active swimming pool with family and friends splashing about, or a relaxing lounge ready lagoon entry pool, it is often the center of any outdoor living area.

There is no way around it, pools can be an expensive investment and it can be tempting to go with the lowest initial cost option. Be wary of low cost cookie cutter pool builders which often cut corners on design, materials, and construction. This results in a pool that may not fit you well, will require more repairs and upkeep in the long run, and may even end up costing more than it's worth!

Pools by Design's highly qualified experts will make sure your pool is exactly what you want, has the latest in features and functions, and is of the highest in design and build quality. Don't settle for less - a pool or spa is an investment in your happiness for a long time to come and you deserve the best.

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Revive Your Old Pool

Breathing new life into a new pool or spa is a great way to convert an eyesore into a sparkling oasis without paying an arm and a leg. We are proud to offer services that will enhance or restore your pool, such as new energy efficient equipment, updating design and materials, changing depths, or refinishing the interior surfaces.

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Your Truly Custom Pool

Our exceptional team of professional designers work closely with you and with an eye toward the unique style of your home to create a pool that fits naturally with you, your lifestyle, and the home you have worked so hard to get just right. The perfect custom pool has never been easier to achieve!

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We offer value packages throughout the year so that anyone can enjoy the highest quality designed and built pools in southern Arizona. Interested in getting started? You've come to the right place! Click the link below to review some of our current offers.

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Financing Options

An investment in a pool, spa, or outdoor living area can be worth every penny, but that doesn't always mean easily affordable! That's why we've worked with a carefully selected team of financing specialists to help navigate loan options so that anyone can afford a custom high quality pool.

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