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When you install a custom pool or spa, you will need to consider what sort of lighting you would like to utilize. The three main options are incandescent bulbs, halogen, and light-emitting diode (LED) pool lights. Of the three, LED lights are the most energy-efficient and customizable option.

Here are some of the benefits of installing LED lights in your pool:

Energy Efficiency

When you build a custom pool, you should consider the long-term cost of each feature in addition to the initial price. LED lights, depending on the size and type, may cost slightly more than incandescent or halogen lights. However, LED produces a brighter light than both other types of pool lights and it does so while using less electricity. Incandescent pool lights may cost up to $1 a day to operate, whereas LED pool lights cost pennies a day. This translates to serious savings over the life of your pool.


A swimming pool is an investment and you want to know that your pool will last for years to come. At Pools by Design, we choose the best features made from the highest-quality materials to help ensure that your pool is built for beauty and longevity. LED pool lights are incredibly durable compared to other pool lighting options. An incandescent bulb only lasts about a year before it starts to dim. Comparatively, an LED light can last up to 20 years, all while producing brighter light at a lower daily cost.

Unique Colors

Incandescent lighting makes it possible to swim at night, but the color is not very interesting or unique. When you choose LED lights, you have many more options when it comes to color. You can highlight certain areas of your pool, such as water features, with different colored lights. Some bulbs even allow you to use an app or a remote to change the color of your pool lights whenever you would like. You can choose themed colors for pool parties or even create your own custom light shows.

Brighter Lights

When you go for a swim or a dip in your hot tub at night, you want to be able to see your pool. While incandescent or halogen underwater lights are bright enough to get the job done, it takes a lot more energy to produce the same brightness as LED lights. Even at a lower wattage, LED pool lights are brighter. This is better for your safety and for the look of your custom pool.

Explore Our Luxury Pool Features

LED Pool Lights, Pebble Tec, and More

At Pools by Design, we want to help create the pool of your dreams. When you work with us, you have the option to add high-quality and luxurious features to your pool. These include LED lights, pebble tec, in-floor cleaning, and more. These upgrades are often beneficial not only for the look and feel of your pool, but also in terms of cost savings and efficient operation.

Contact us today to learn more about building a custom pool with LED lights.