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Pebble Technology (Pebble Tec) makes gorgeous pool finishes to enhance the look and feel of your custom pool or spa. These finishes use small rocks mixed with cement to create a natural texture and appearance. Pebble Tec pools are durable and beautiful and this finish is a great choice for your custom swimming pool. 

Some of the benefits of Pebble Tec pool finishes:

Natural Aesthetic

Your pool design should match your home’s architecture, integrate with your landscape design, and reflect your unique personality. A natural design can beautifully complement the Arizona desert around your home and a Pebble Tec pool finish is a great way to achieve this. The bottom of your pool will look similar to a river bed, contributing to an inviting and tranquil aesthetic. 

Choice of Colors

Pebble Tec finishes come in a variety of colors, so you can pick the one that best fits your needs. You can choose a bright, stunning blue or a collection of beiges that mimic the sand on a beach. Matching your pool finish to any tiles you use in your design can create a lovely pop of color that helps your pool stand out. 

Slip-Resistant Texture

You want your swimming experience to be perfect, and this should include how the finish feels. Pebble Tec’s textured surface feels more luxurious than plaster. It’s also slip-resistant, which means you can use it for your hot tub or spa to make getting in and out safer. 


One of the reasons Pebble Tec is a top choice for pool owners is that these finishes are incredibly durable. Standard plaster can degrade over time when exposed to pool chemicals such as chlorine. It can also have trouble standing up to the heat in a spa. Pebble Tec withstands higher temperatures and is more resistant to chemical wear and tear. 

Long-Term Savings

When you choose which features to include in your new pool, you should consider not only what it costs upfront but also how much money you will spend for maintenance. Pebble Tec pools may cost slightly more at first, but your finish will look better for longer compared to plaster. Plaster lasts anywhere from 5-10 years whereas Pebble Tec can last more than 20 years with proper maintenance. 

The Pools by Design Difference

Pebble Tec finishes are one of many features that Pools by Design can add to your custom pool. These improve how your pool looks and functions to create the ultimate luxury experience. They can also save you money on energy and long-term maintenance. We are committed to quality and work with the best brands in the industry, including Pebble Tec, to offer each client more options for their pools. 

Design Your Custom Pool or Spa

If you are ready to take your backyard to the next level, we can help. We work with you to create a unique custom pool, spa, and outdoor living features that you and your family can enjoy for years to come. 

Contact us today to schedule a free design consultation to discuss building a Pebble Tec pool with Pools by Design.