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A pool finish covers the concrete pool shell and prevents water from leaking into the ground. It is an essential feature for the function of your pool and can also be used to enhance its appearance. There are many different finish options available and choosing the right material and color can help improve your pool’s aesthetic.

Here are some of the different options:

Pool Finish Materials

The material you use for your finish should be durable enough to handle constant exposure to pool water and chemicals. There are many different choices that fit these requirements and which you use will depend on your budget and preferences.


Plaster is among the most common types of pool finishes. It is made from a mixture of cement, water, and either silica sand or marble dust. White plaster is the traditional choice and the most inexpensive, although colored options are also available.

Aggregate Pool Finishes

Aggregate finishes have become more popular in recent years. These combine plaster with small pieces of granite, quartz, river stones, or glass beads. You can either opt for polished aggregate (which creates a polished surface with the shine of the stones) or exposed aggregate (which results in a more textured surface).

Pool Tiles

Tiles can be made of glass, stone, ceramic, or other materials. These can be more costly to apply, but they give you the ability to completely customize how your finish looks. You can use one type of tiles throughout your pool or use different options to create unique designs.


PebbleTec pool finishes are one of the best options for longevity, aesthetics, and texture. Whereas plaster will usually need to be replaced every 5-10 years, PebbleTec can last upwards of 20 years with proper care. There are many different choices for color and the surface is slip-resistant, making it great for hot tubs.


In addition to choosing the material for your pool finish, you can also customize the color.


White is a common color for pool finishes and if you are building a traditional pool, this can be an excellent option.

Neutral, Natural Tones

Using neutral colors such as brown gives your pool a more natural look. This works well with materials like stone tiles or PebbleTec.


Many pool owners choose blue pool finishes because they enhance the color of the water and make the pool look more inviting. You can do this with PebbleTec, pool tiles, or even colored plaster.

Bold Colors

Not every pool has to be traditional and you can choose bolder colors for your finish. This often works well in isolated areas and you can create pops of color using tiles in fun patterns.

Build Your Dream Pool

At Pools by Design, we can design your dream pool and will work to make every feature reflect your vision. This includes helping you choose the best material and color for your finish.

To schedule an appointment to discuss your pool finish and other design elements, contact us today.