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When building a custom pool, you want a swimming pool design that is truly your own and that you will be proud to show off. At Pools by Design, we create gorgeous high-end pools and can help bring your dream to life. Are you looking for pool ideas that will take your outdoor space to the next level? If so, this blog can provide you with some inspiration.

Here are some of the most luxurious pool features:

Infinity-Edge Pool

Infinity pools have water that flows over the edge and allows the surface of the pool to blend with the horizon. You will often see this design in luxury resorts and having one in your backyard can make summer days at home feel like a vacation. Since these designs require more work to get right, you should be sure to hire an expert builder. Pools by Design has experience creating beautiful infinity-edge pools for our clients and can discuss whether this option is a good fit for your yard.

Fire Features

Incorporating fire can add an exotic feel to your pool environment. There are many different forms that this can take. For example, you can add a fire pit and seating area poolside where you can lounge with family and friends. It’s also possible to add fire bowls with streams of water flowing below them, walls with enclosed fire pits, and other options that reflect your style. You can see some examples in our gallery.


A pool grotto is a cave or cavern underneath a rock waterfall. This can be a small area that provides just enough space to swim around or can include a seating area and lighting. Grottos are fun for kids and adults alike and create a cool, shaded location for lounging. We can adapt the style of your grotto to the overall aesthetic of your pool to create an integrated and beautiful design.

Swim-Up Bar

Swim-up bars are a truly high-end feature that can set your pool apart and impress your guests. This is a perfect choice if you often host parties. A swim-up bar includes bar stools within the water, a serving area, and a “dry side” with a bar. If you would like, you can even include a full outdoor kitchen so you can serve a wide range of drinks and food that can be enjoyed from the cool water of your custom pool.

Pool Automation

Luxury is about more than just how your pool looks. In addition to considering pool and landscape design features that create a high-end aesthetic, you may also want to add options that make it easier to maintain your pool. An in-floor cleaning system keeps your pool beautiful with minimal effort. You can even add full pool automation to control water features, spa temperature, pool chemicals, and more.

Build a High-End Pool

If you are building a luxury pool, you need a team that has the expertise necessary to exceed your expectations. Pools by Design is the only member of the Master Pools Guild in Tucson and we have extensive experience with high-end pools.

Contact us today to discuss how we can turn your pool ideas into reality.