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In recent years, salt water pool systems have risen in popularity compared to traditional chlorine pools. There are many reasons for this shift. For one, salt water systems are often less harsh on your eyes and skin. Many owners note that the water feels softer and smoother in a salt water pool compared to a pool with chlorine. One of the biggest benefits of these swimming pools is the reduced cost of pool supplies since they do not require you to purchase chlorine. However, even as these pools become more popular, there are still many misconceptions about how they function.

Here are the basics of how these pool systems work:

Salt Water Pools are Not Chlorine-Free

The biggest misconception about salt water systems is that it means the pool does not have any chlorine in it. The fact is that chlorine is the best chemical compound for keeping pool water clean and clear. The big difference between salt water pool systems and traditional chlorine pools is not the presence of chlorine, but how it is added to the pool.

Salt Chlorine Generator

In a traditional pool, you add chlorine manually in order to keep the chlorine level in your pool up to par for sanitation. However, this requires added concentrated chemicals directly into your pool water. It also means that there may be more chlorine than you need in your swimming pool.

When you choose a salt water system, you add a salt chlorine generator. This takes the pool salt that you add to the water and runs it through salt cells. The salt goes through electrolysis and reacts with water. This forms the hypochlorous acid that keeps your pool clean. This system costs more to install at first, but it saves you money in supply costs and can last for up to seven years without replacement.

Why Salt Water Systems Feel Different

You may be wondering why swimming in a salt water pool feels so different than swimming in a traditional chlorine pool if they both rely on the same chemical for cleaning. Most people who own a salt water pool say that the water is smoother, less harsh on the body, and even smells better than a chlorine pool. How is this the case if both pools have chlorine?

The main difference in the chlorine level. When you add concentrated chlorine to your pool, there is more of the chemical in the water. It’s also hard to control the amount in the water at any time. A salt chlorine generator gradually turns salt into chlorine, and so the salt level is usually higher than the chlorine level at any given time. This is why salt water pools feel so different; they may have chlorine, but there is much less of it present.

Building Your Perfect Backyard Pool

Salt Water Pool

If you want to create a custom pool using a salt water system, call Pools by Design today! We work with you to create a unique and gorgeous design for your pool, whether you want something more contemporary or more traditional.

Designing pools is our passion, and we are excited to see what we can create with you.