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Regular pool maintenance is important to keep your swimming pool sparkling clean and running smoothly. One of the key elements in pool maintenance is your pool filter. Your filtration system removes contaminants and debris from your pool by working with your pool pump. This is accomplished by water running through the filter and circulating back into your pool. Because this is such an integral part of keeping your pool clean, it is important that you keep it properly maintained. This ensures your pool is always clean and running the best it can.

Here are some tips for maintaining your pool filter: 

Type of Pool Filter Systems

There are three main types of filters and each one has a different maintenance process.

Sand Filters

A pool sand filter uses a layer of sand to keep your water clean. When water goes through the sand, debris and contaminants are filtered out. This is a common type of filter choice as it is cost-effective and efficient.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filters

DE pool filters use a fine powder to maintain the cleanliness of your pool water. This powder is the crushed exoskeletons of fossilized diatoms. It works well because it is so porous and water can flow through it easily.

Cartridge Filters

This type of system includes pool filter cartridges that capture debris as it flows through a mesh filter surface. These are the simplest to clean and maintain, as you can easily remove the cartridges for maintenance.

How to Clean Pool Filters

How you clean your filter will depend on which type of filter system your pool uses. However, any of the three types of pool filters have options to make sure you keep them clean and functioning perfectly. Pool supplies can also help, and these filters types often have specialized cleaners you can purchase to assist with maintenance.

For sand filters, you need to use a sand filter cleaner to wash out the pool sand. You also want to put the filter on a backwash setting to rinse it out. You should also make sure to replace your pool sand every five years. For the most part, though, these filters require less maintenance.

DE filters also require a backwash during the maintenance process. However, this type of pool filter requires more frequent maintenance. You should normally clean your DE filter every month. You can also clean it when you notice that your water clarity is more cloudy or if you notice an issue with your filter’s pressure reading.

Cartridge filters are the easiest of the pool filter types to clean. All you need to do is remove the filter cartridge and spray it with a hose to remove any debris. After that, you simply place the cartridge back into the filter system.

For a step-by-step guide on how to clean your pool’s cartridge filter, check out the video below:

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