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Do you want to transform your yard into the perfect space for entertaining and relaxing with your family and friends? Pools by Design can help. In addition to designing and building custom swimming pools, we can create an outdoor living space that you will love. A backyard kitchen is a great option because it is both functional and beautiful. There are many different outdoor kitchen ideas that we can help you bring to life.

Some options for your outdoor kitchen design:

Outdoor Cooking

Depending on what you want to cook, you can choose different heat sources and appliances for your outdoor kitchen. One of the most popular options is a barbecue grill. This allows you to cook in a way that you can’t indoors and lets you experiment with the food you create. Barbecuing for your friends and family poolside is a luxury that you can enjoy with your new outdoor kitchen and it’s perfect for parties.

In addition to or instead of a grill, you can include a pizza oven. Making your own homemade pizza is a fun activity and the results are delicious. While you can do this with your indoor oven, many people feel that wood-fired pizza tastes better and it definitely adds a gourmet touch to this popular meal.

If there is another type of appliance you want to use in your outdoor kitchen, we can help you explore your options. Many homeowners wish to add variety to how they prepare meals. However, while stovetops and traditional ovens can be affected by the elements, this doesn’t mean that it is impossible to add these options to your design. We can work with you to determine what you wish to include and will most contribute to the function of your outdoor kitchen.

Prep and Storage

To make cooking in your backyard kitchen as easy as possible, you should add prep areas like countertops. How much space you need for these depends on how often you plan to use the area and how many people you typically cook for. Adding a sink is also a good idea. With this feature, you won’t need to run back and forth into your home to get water or to rinse things off. Other convenient additions include a miniature or full-size refrigerator, cabinets for storage, a built-in cutting board, and more.

Outdoor Dining Area

Adding a dining area to your backyard is the perfect way to get the full outdoor kitchen experience. You can keep this casual with comfortable patio furniture and some small tables. Adding a fire pit to this area creates an outdoorsy, relaxing aesthetic. This can also help keep you warm on cooler nights. If you want something more elegant, you can add a full dining table to accommodate larger groups. Our design team will help ensure that your outdoor furniture and other accents for your kitchen perfectly match the overall look and feel of your backyard, including your pool.

Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

No matter what you choose to include, adding an outdoor kitchen has many benefits. You can increase your storage space, prepare meals easily for large groups, serve food poolside, and expand the types of cooking you can do.

Design Your Dream Backyard

At Pools by Design, we pay close attention to every detail when we help you create your dream backyard. This includes not only your pool, but also outdoor living elements such as a barbecue island, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, and more.

If you want to turn your outdoor kitchen ideas into reality, contact us today.