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3 Different Types of Swimming Pools

four people with floats playing in a Tucson pool

Which Pool Design is Right For You As the temperatures increase and we enter summer, swimming pools are an ideal way to stay cool. Pools not only help bring close friends and families together during the heat. They also add additional value to your home. Building a pool can enhance your home’s landscape design and […]


Outdoor BBQ

Man and Woman Doing BBQ near Pool

Having an outdoor BBQ next to your pool is ideal during the spring and summer seasons. It gives you the opportunity to take advantage of beautiful weather, spend time with friends, and bond with your family. Here at Pools By Design, we offer many ways for you to customize your space to your liking. Building […]


Why You Should Use Palm Trees In Your Landscaping

Palm Trees in House Backyard Landscape

Once you build a custom pool, you should create a backyard landscape that best highlights your new investment. At Pools by Design, we do more than help you build the pool of your dreams. We also create a landscape design that matches the style of your pool and your home. One great option for your […]


Reasons To Include a Waterfall In Your Inground Pool

Inground Pool Waterfall with Green Plants on the Side of Waterfall

When you create a custom pool design, you have the luxury of deciding exactly what water features you want to include. Every home is different, and so every inground pool that we create here at Pools by Design is different. We work with you to determine exactly what you want your inground swimming pool to […]


Using a BBQ Island to Increase Usable Space

Man Using Outdoor BBQ Island For Grilling

There are many reasons to build a BBQ island in your backyard. Outdoor kitchens help you host unique parties, and increase your options for dishes you can prepare. In addition, these spaces look gorgeous in your backyard. One of the many advantages of an outdoor grilling island is that it helps you increase your usable […]


Benefits of Installing a Salt Water Swimming Pool

a women in a beach hat sitting in a pool

When you are building a custom swimming pool, you have many options for customization. You have the luxury of choosing everything, from the overall design to the water features. You also get to choose whether to include a salt water system or to build a standard chlorinated pool. Of course, having so many choices can […]