How an Outdoor Kitchen Makes Your Life Easier

custom outdoor kitchen in tucson

Creating your dream backyard involves more than just a pool. You also want to make sure that every part of your yard surrounding your swimming pool is built exactly the way you want it. One element to consider including is an outdoor kitchen. You can customize your space to include whatever you want, from BBQ […]


How Does a Salt Water Pool Work?

salt water pool system installed by a tucson pool builder

In recent years, salt water pool systems have risen in popularity compared to traditional chlorine pools. There are many reasons for this shift. For one, salt water systems are often less harsh on your eyes and skin. Many owners note that the water feels softer and smoother in a salt water pool compared to a […]


Choosing the Right Pool Lights For Your Jacuzzi

led pool lights

There are many steps in designing your custom pool and spa. Pools by Design is here to help you every step of the way, from the big picture all the way to the tiniest details. Choosing pool lights may not seem like an important step, but this small detail can change the overall ambiance of […]


Three Tips for Jacuzzi and Spa Owners

Pool Spa with Fresh Water Coming Out of Fountains

For jacuzzi and spa owners maintenance is essential. We know you didn’t buy your spa to spend time taking care of it. You bought it to be able to relax. That is why we have put together some tips to help make your life as a spa owner much simpler. This way you can get […]



backyard pool with fireplace element

Our professional design team can help design and create your one of a kind custom luxury spa. With your unique needs in mind, we can craft a spa of any size, shape, tile, acrylic, glass, steel and build it with class.

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