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A backyard pool is a perfect place to relax, exercise, and entertain guests. If you want to enjoy this luxury, you should consider building a custom swimming pool. To have the best experience possible and ensure you absolutely love your new pool, it is helpful to ask yourself some questions before beginning the process. This helps you understand what to expect and allows you to make clear and informed decisions.

Here are some guiding questions for building a backyard pool:

What is your budget?

At the beginning of the design process, you should consider what your budget is and what your main priorities are. Although determining a budget is not as much fun as other parts of the pool building process, it is an essential step. Be sure to consider not only the amount you will spend upfront, but also the cost of ongoing maintenance. There are many features that cost slightly more at first, but lower your long-term expenses. This is also why you shouldn’t compromise on quality. A well-built pool not only looks great, but will last for years with fewer repairs or issues. It’s worth the investment to get a trouble-free pool that you know you will absolutely love.

You should also consider which features you want right away and if there are any you prefer to add later. For example, you can usually install travertine decking or an outdoor living area after your pool is built, but you would need to decide on a pool finish during the initial construction. This will help you decide how to allocate your budget.

What size do you want your pool to be?

In order to determine the best size for your pool, you should consider the layout of your yard and how much space you want the pool to take up. Make sure to account for anything you want to place around your pool such as the deck, patio furniture, an outdoor kitchen, et cetera.

You should also consider the depth of your pool. This depends on how you plan to use it. A standard backyard pool has a depth of 3-4 feet in the shallow end, which transitions to 5-6 feet at the deep end. If you want a deeper area, the maximum is usually 8 feet, although this depends on your specific area’s regulations.

Which style and shape do you prefer?

There are a few different general styles that you can choose for your new pool. These include traditional, contemporary, and infinity-edge. Your pool’s design should complement the architecture of your home, so you should keep this in mind when making a decision. After you choose a style, you will need to decide what shape you would prefer. Working with a designer at this point is helpful to ensure every element integrates well with one another.

What features do you want to include?

There are many different features you can add to your pool such as a spillover spa, fountains, lights, and more. Once you’ve figured out the basics of your design, you can start considering these additional elements that will make your pool truly your own.

Which pool company should you work with?

Building a pool requires expertise and attention to detail. You want to make sure you pick the best contractor for the job. Pools by Design is the only member of the Master Pools Guild in Tucson and we strive to build pools that are outstanding in both form and function. You can browse our work in our gallery to get a better idea of our style or contact us directly with any questions you may have.

The Experience is By Design

If you are ready to start the backyard pool building process, contact us today.