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Whether you are building a new swimming pool or remodeling your current one, one important consideration is whether or not to include a diving board. Although diving board trends have been declining for the last 15 years, they are still a practical and enjoyable addition for swimmers a wide range of ages. The decision to install one is based on a few factors, such as safety precautions, family lifestyle, and backyard space.

Types of Diving Boards

Different types of diving boards accommodate different types of swimmers, from young children to experienced divers. Two of the most popular types are springboards and platforms.


These flexible boards on spring stands provide a significant amount of bounce. This design provides extra power to jump high in the air and dive in the pool. They are typically used by more experienced divers.


A diving platform is a rigid board on a stationary stand that does not provide any bounce. These are a good option for pools that do not have the dimensions or depth to accommodate a springboard.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Diving Board

A diving board works well in certain swimming pool situations and is not always practical in others.

A few factors you should consider are:


Safety is the most important consideration when choosing a diving board for your pool. To avoid injury, make sure your board is made from slip-resistant material, place it flush with the pool wall so divers will not hit their heads, and follow manufacturer recommendations for diving board elevation.


The lifestyle of you and your family is also a big factor when you are considering adding a diving board to your swimming pool. Boards require a significant amount of pool and deck space, as well as a deep end. If you are mostly using your pool for fitness reasons, a diving board can make sense. However, if you have small children that want to play games in the pool, taking up a large section with a deep end might not be practical for your family.

Backyard and Pool Size

The size of your backyard and pool will dictate whether or not you can accommodate a diving board. Diving boards require a deep end with a graduated slope, mandating a larger pool. Diving pools must be at least 34 feet long with a deep end of 8 to 10 feet to prevent injury when entering the water from a dive.

The position of the diving board is also a factor. The board must be installed at least 10 feet away from any obstructions, including the sidewalls of the pool and other features like tanning ledges.

Diving Board Materials

Buying a diving board made from non-slip materials is crucial for the safety of your divers. Natural stone and wood are good options and can be made in bright colors and designs to match your pool style. If you have a saltwater pool, a diving board made with corrosion-resistant material is essential to keep it from rusting and staining your pool deck.

Build a Custom Pool with Pools By Design

Whether or not the pool of your dreams includes a diving board, Pools By Design can make it a reality. Our team will discuss your preferences with you and get an idea of the swimming skills of you and your family members. Then, we will give advice on what type of pool and features we think will work best for you.

Contact us today to get started on the pool building process.