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A custom pool can transform your backyard and improve your lifestyle. Our pool building team works with you throughout the design and construction process to create a beautiful and functional final result. Understanding the steps to building a pool can give you an idea of what to expect. The details vary based on the client and no two pools are exactly the same, but this article includes a general overview.

1. Design Consultation

During a consultation with our pool designers, you will be able to discuss what you want your pool to look like. We will also ask about who will be using the pool as well as their ages and swimming ability. At this point, you will make big-picture decisions about the pool’s style, size, shape, depth, et cetera. You can also let us know which features you are interested in. These include aesthetic options as well as additions that will make your pool easier to maintain. At this point, we will also consider the cost and can go over financing options.

2. 3D Rendering

To give you an idea of what your final pool will look like, we use innovative 3D design software. We will create a rendering of your pool including the surrounding landscape and any outdoor living features you are interested in. During this phase, we can make adjustments to make sure everything is exactly as you would like it.

3. Permits and Building Requirements

Various permits and approvals are required to build a swimming pool. We obtain these before we can begin construction.

4. Pool Layout

Once we have finalized the design, we will go out to your property and create an actual layout where the pool will be. This allows us to see how the pool will look in the actual space. Once we confirm that you are satisfied with the layout and placement, we move forward with the construction process.

5. Excavation

At this point, we excavate the space for your new pool. This can be very exciting as you watch the design take shape.

6. Plumbing

Installing the plumbing is an essential step for your pool’s function. The complexity of this depends on the water features you’ve included, among other factors.

7. Steel Reinforcement

After the pool has been dug out, we use steel to reinforce the structure. This gives the shell of your pool strength.

8. Electric and Gas Components

Electricians trench and install wire for the electrical components of your pool. The pool’s breaker box will also be installed at this time. If gas connections are required, they will also be installed.

9. Shotcrete

Now that the shell of your pool is complete, we coat it in shotcrete. This is a pressurized form of concrete that our builders apply using a hose. When this dries, it forms the pool shell.

10. Pool Tiles

Tiles can add accents to your pool floor and features. You can choose different colors and patterns to match your unique design preferences.

11. Deck

In addition to constructing the pool itself, we will also create the pool deck. You can use travertine pavers, concrete, or other materials for this.

12. Interior Pool Finish

Your pool’s finish covers the shotcrete shell and prevents water from leaking into the ground. In addition to being important for functionality, the finish can also improve the way your pool looks. We recommend Pebble Tec due to its durability and beautiful appearance.

13. Filling the Pool

After the finish has been applied, it’s finally time to fill your new pool with water. We will balance the water chemistry and make sure everything is running smoothly during the start-up process.

14. Landscaping

The landscape around your pool can enhance its appearance and is an important part of the overall design. Whether you are interested in a simple or elaborate design we can create the perfect landscape for your pool.

15. Enjoy Your New Custom Pool

Once this process is complete, you can start enjoying your beautiful new pool.

Start the Pool Building Process

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