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There are many luxurious features that you can add to your custom pool. Grottos used to be only found in resort pools, but these are beginning to become a more popular addition for high-end lagoon-style pools. Would a pool grotto be a perfect feature for your new swimming pool?

Pool Grotto Basics

A grotto is a waterfall with a space underneath it. Swimmers can move under a cascade of water and into the cool interior of the grotto. The rock is usually artificial and reinforced to create a strong and stable structure, although natural rock options may also be available. The possibilities are endless for how to customize the exterior as well as the cave inside. This can range from a classic rock waterfall with a small interior swimming area to a secluded and fully-customized lounge.

Some ideas you could use for your pool grotto include:

Grotto Hot Tub

A grotto can be the perfect place for an inground spa. One way to do this is by having the grotto partially on the pool deck, with a portion extending into the pool and a cool stream of water flowing to connect the rock with the pool below. This allows you to have an entrance to the spa on dry land for ease of access. You can also build a spa on the same level as the pool and enclose this within the grotto.

Lounging Area

You can place an in-water bench in your grotto for swimmers to relax and socialize. Depending on the size and shape of your pool grotto, there are many different designs and features you can include. The cool interior paired with the sound of the waterfall make this area the ultimate space to unwind.

Pool Grotto Waterslide

In addition to customizing the interior of your pool grotto, you can add different elements to the waterfall itself. One possibility is building a waterslide into the outside of the grotto. Kids love this exciting pool feature and adults can also enjoy the nostalgic fun of a waterslide.

Small Grotto

Not all pool grottos have to be extravagant. If you prefer a simple elegance, you can add a small grotto that offers just enough space for swimmers to move under the waterfall. This gives you all of the visual appeal of a waterfall while providing an additional shaded swimming area.

A Pool as Unique as You Are

At Pools by Design, we build luxury pools that can include a wide variety of features. We are the only member of the Master Pools Guild in Tucson and have the expertise necessary to turn your dreams into reality.

To discuss building a pool with a grotto and/or other high-end features, contact us today.