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Regular pool maintenance helps you get the most out of your custom pool. Luckily, there are many features that make this process easier. One is an in-floor pool cleaner and circulation system. At Pools by Design, we use A&A’s innovative TurboClean system, which is made exclusively for members of the Master Pools Guild. Adding this high-quality technology to your swimming pool is a great choice to keep your water pristine.

How the A&A cleaning and circulation system works:

Pool Circulation

Water in your pool moves through drains and skimmers to get to the pool pump, which acts as the heart of your pool. The pump pushes water through your pool filter to remove debris. Next, the water goes through a chlorinator. The location of this part varies depending on your pool. Finally, the pool’s returns cycle the water back into the swimming area.

In a traditional system, water only circulates at the very top of your pool. This means that areas at the bottom of the pool may have stale, unmoving water that the system has not properly filtered or chlorinated. This can lead to algae growth and dirty water.

A graphic showing pool circulation with a traditional system, where water only moves at the top

The TurboClean system is expertly designed so that water cycles throughout your whole pool using multiple returns on your pool’s floor. It also includes the QuikDekClor which is a more efficient chlorinator that is located separately from other equipment. This is to prevent corrosion. The result is cleaner water in every part of your pool, not just at the top.

A graphic showing the A&A in-floor pool cleaner's circulation, where water moves throughout the whole pool

Automatic Pool Cleaner

A&A’s TurboClean system includes cleaning jets that are discreetly placed in the floor of your pool. When they are not activated, they blend in with the pool’s finish. When active, they pop up slightly and release a strong stream of water to push any debris toward your pool skimmer. The full A&A system also includes the QuikSkim and LeafVac, two elements that work together to remove debris more efficiently. This results in much less work for you to keep your pool clean.

Additional Pool Maintenance

Even with the A&A system, you may find it helpful to add a robotic pool cleaner. These move around the floors and sides of your pool to vacuum leaves and other small items. If you do not like the look of a robotic pool vacuum, you can also vacuum manually. This is relatively simple and with the TurboClean circulation and in-floor cleaning system, you will need to vacuum less than you would with standard circulation.

Install an In-Floor Pool Cleaner

At Pools by Design, we are committed to giving you the pool of your dreams. Our design team can add water features and other elements to help your pool stand out visually. However, we know that aesthetics are only part of owning a pool. During your design consultation, we will help you decide if you want to add additional features. Options include the TurboClean circulation and cleaning system. This feature can help keep your pool swim-ready with minimal effort.

Contact us today for a free consultation with our team to discuss features such as an in-floor pool cleaner and more.