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Benefits of an Outdoor BBQ

What is better than laying by the pool and enjoying good food? Designing an outdoor kitchen during your pool building process can enhance your experiences in your backyard. The convenience is what draws people into customized their own outdoor kitchen. This addition also has many benefits for hosting. You want to make sure you and your guests enjoy time at your house. Outdoor kitchens are a vital piece in the overall value of your backyard oasis.

You can use your outdoor kitchen to make it easier to host parties. This way, you can cook on your BBQ grill and serve food poolside. You can also use your BBQ island to increase the space you have in your kitchen by storing some of your items outdoors. And if grilling isn’t something you enjoy, you can customize your outdoor kitchen to fit your needs with features like pizza ovens or fire pits.

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Enhance your backyard oasis with an outdoor kitchen

Two of the best things in life are good food and good company. Why not have both of them in your backyard? Here at Pools by Design, we can help you build out your dream backyard oasis.

Benefits of Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen environment


Nobody wants to have to continue to run in and outside of their home for food and cold beverages. You are letting out cool air, especially during the summer. There is also a chance that you are tracking in mud or dirt, or that your indoor kitchen supplies may not be meant for the outdoors. People also don’t want to leave food and beverages sitting out in the warm Tucson heat. Building an outdoor kitchen can resolve these issues. It is so convenient to be able to prepare, cook, and clean up food all without having to step foot into your house. You can have a grill, a fridge, an oven, or anything else you use to store and make your food.

An outdoor kitchen setting next to one of our pools


You are given the option here at Pools by Design to customize your outdoor kitchen however you like. You may not use a grill or you may not find a use for an outdoor wine cellar. Building an outdoor kitchen is a fun process because there are endless possibilities. You can also design where you want the kitchen to be in your backyard. You will be able to customize your outdoor kitchen to fit your needs. We will collaborate on which appliances you feel will be necessary as well as any other elements you need for cooking outdoors.

A barbecue grill kitchen setup next to a pool

Increases Useable Space

If you use the fridge and pantry space outside, you will have more room inside! You can store any of your outdoor kitchen supplies in your outdoor pantries and keep the products that are not meant to be outside in your indoor kitchen. This isl also be beneficial from an organizational standpoint. You will not have to constantly sift through all of your kitchen supplies in order to find that one outdoor kitchen spatula you absolutely need. We can also customize security measures on your outdoor kitchen, so you can be sure your outdoor cooking and kitchen supplies are just as safe as they would be indoors.

An outdoor setting with table and barbecue grill in the background

Good for Entertaining

Outdoor kitchens are great for hosting. You can customize your outdoor kitchen to fit the average amount of people that you host. If you know you have huge events often, you can add several patio tables and ample kitchen counter space for your guests. If you prefer a more private use of your pool and have smaller parties, then you can design your kitchen in a small space. Building an outdoor kitchen will be expensive at first, but the overall enhancement of your quality of life will soon outweigh the costs. If you want to own the house that everyone wants to be at, we highly suggest designing an outdoor kitchen alongside your pool.


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