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Creating your dream backyard involves more than just a pool. You also want to make sure that every part of your yard surrounding your swimming pool is built exactly the way you want it. One element to consider including is an outdoor kitchen. You can customize your space to include whatever you want, from BBQ grills to refrigerators to space for entertaining. At Pools by Design, we create custom solutions for outdoor living, and this includes kitchen islands.

Here are just a few of the ways a new outdoor kitchen can make your life easier:

More Storage Space

With so many appliances, ingredients, and equipment, it’s easy to run out of space in your kitchen. Adding an outdoor kitchen gives you another area where you can store these items. You can opt to store items you use outside (such as grilling tools) in your new outdoor kitchen drawers so they do not take up space in your kitchen. Outdoor refrigerators also give you the option to store food outside when you run out of indoor space.

A Variety of Food Options

There are certain foods that simply taste better when you can make them outdoors. Grilling is one great example. There is nothing quite like authentic grilled steak, hot dogs, or burgers made with your outdoor kitchen’s built-in grill. Outdoor pizza ovens also help you make delicious pizza much better than you could in a conventional oven. If you install a fire pit, you can even make s’mores with your kids poolside.

The Convenience of Outdoor Cooking

In certain situations, outdoor cooking is more convenient than cooking inside. For example, if you are hosting a pool party, it can be exhausting to run side dishes out from the kitchen to the pool. With an outdoor kitchen, you can prepare and serve these items all in one place. You can even opt to include a warming drawer so you can prepare ahead of time and keep your food warm for guests.

Unique Outdoor Entertaining

Having an outdoor kitchen gives you many new options for outdoor entertaining. For example, you can take your pool parties to the next level with poolside barbeque. If you have kids, you can host sleepovers featuring homemade s’mores roasted over your fire pit. Even classic dinner parties can be made more upscale when you take them outdoors in your very own custom outdoor kitchen.

Built to Your Specifications

Outdoor Kitchen

When you work with Pools by Design to customize your outdoor kitchen, you know that you are getting the highest quality. We make sure that we build everything exactly the way you want it. If you are not a big fan of grilling, we can opt for a pizza oven or outdoor stovetop over a BBQ grill. We can customize your outdoor kitchen for large parties or for intimate gatherings with just a few friends.

Our customer service and our craftsmanship make us our top choice for outdoor living solutions.

Contact us today and let us know how we can create a kitchen to fit your backyard.