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Having a swimming pool in your backyard is a luxury that not everyone gets the chance to experience. During the build process, you have the opportunity to choose what elements to include to create the pool of your dreams. If you are interested in a high-end pool, a swim-up bar is one of the most luxurious features available.

What is a Swim-Up Bar?

A swim-up bar includes two parts: a wet side and a dry side. The wet area includes any number of barstools that are submerged in the water. In most cases, it is best to build these in a shallow area that is between 30 and 42 inches deep. This is ideal for swimmers to stay partially submerged while still having enough space. You can add this area in your pool or in your spa/hot tub. In front of the barstools, there will be a flat surface for serving. This is typically six inches above the pool coping. This is to provide enough knee room and you can design the bar in nearly any shape and style.

The dry side of the swim-up bar can include as many or as few features as you would like. A full outdoor kitchen with a refrigerator, barbeque grill, and other amenities helps make serving easy. You can even add a television in this area for swimmers to watch while enjoying food and drinks. It’s also possible to incorporate additional seating on the dry side so guests in and out of the pool can socialize.

Swim-Up Bar Benefits

Perfect for Entertaining

Adding a bar to your pool can take your parties to the next level. Your guests can stay in the water while enjoying drinks, appetizers, or meals. If you add a TV, you have even more options for entertainment.

Great for Kids

Many people associate the “bar” in swim-up bar with alcohol, but this feature is a general serving area and works just as well for non-alcoholic drinks and food. Kids can enjoy swimming while you barbeque or cook in the outdoor kitchen and then can enjoy a meal or snacks without needing to get out of the water.

Saves Space

You may not associate adding a feature with saving space, but one of the benefits of a swim-up bar is that it connects your pool to your outdoor kitchen. This can save space because you don’t have to create a separate area for the kitchen and seating.

Makes Your Backyard Feel like a Luxury Resort

Adding a seating area to your pool makes your backyard feel like a luxurious vacation destination. With a custom pool, you can get away from the stress of day-to-day life without even leaving your home.

Experienced High-End Pool Builders

At Pools by Design, we have extensive experience building luxurious custom pools. We can help turn your dreams into reality and can incorporate a wide variety of features to create a pool that is truly unique and your own.

To learn more about building a pool with a swim-up bar, contact us today.