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A lap pool is a long, narrow, rectangular-shaped pool. For a single swimmer, it will typically be about 40 feet long and 8 feet wide. If you are interested in building a backyard lap pool, the process is fairly similar to any other type of inground pool.

How We Design Stunning Backyard Lap Pools

When you think of a lap pool, you may be picturing a relatively minimal design, like what you’d expect at a public pool. With Pools by Design, you get far more than just the basics. We design stunning pools that integrate beautifully with your home’s architecture and any existing landscaping. We can also create custom landscaping to accentuate the design of your pool.

Lap pools are just as customizable as other designs even though the shape is relatively fixed. You can add water features, vary the depth of the pool, and even include a built-in hot tub depending on how much space you have.

When to Choose a Lap Pool

There are two main reasons someone might choose a lap pool instead of a different design.

These are:

1. Swimming Is Your Main Reason for Building a Pool

Going all the way to the gym or public pool to swim laps can be time-consuming. If you are longing to be able to swim laps in your own backyard, building a lap pool can improve your life.

However, a different design may be a better fit if your primary goal in getting a pool is not swimming for exercise. For example, you may prefer a smaller pool with more water features if you want to relax and lounge near the water. Alternatively, you may like a large pool with lots of deck space if you frequently host parties.

Your pool design should reflect your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences, which is why we meet with our clients and discuss these factors before creating a design.

2. You Have a Narrower Space for a Pool

Another reason you may choose a lap pool is if you have a more narrow space to work with. Keep in mind that you’ll need a longer area, so a lap pool isn’t going to be a great fit for a small backyard. Instead, it works if you have a longer space that isn’t very wide. This may be the case if you have other elements that take up space in the rest of your yard, for example.

Please note that there may be limitations that affect the cost of your pool if there is limited space for construction equipment. Your pool design consultant will discuss this with you in the early stages of planning your project.

Build Your Dream Pool

Whether you would like an infinity pool, a lap pool, or any other design you can imagine, Pools by Design can turn your dream into a reality. We have extensive pool building experience and are the only member of the Master Pools Guild in Tucson, AZ.

Contact us today to learn more about building your own backyard lap pool.