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At Pools by Design, we can turn your dream pool into a reality. One of the tools we use to help us do this is 3D pool design. This allows us to create a virtual model of your future pool so you can visualize how it will look.

How Our 3D Pool Design Software Works

The software we use allows us to make a 3D model of your backyard. We then add the pool as well as the deck, water features, and nearby landscaping. This software allows us to customize the model to match what you want your pool to look like.

Making a 3D design is one of the first steps in our pool building process. We do this after your initial design consultation, which is when we’ll discuss what type of pool you are interested in. We take your preferences into account when we create our design and then adjust it to make sure you are completely in love with it before we move forward with construction.

In addition to using 3D designs, we will come out to your property and use spray paint to create an outline of the pool. This is the final step to ensure the size and placement of the pool are exactly what you envisioned.

Benefits of Using 3D Pool Design

Using 3D design before we create your pool has many benefits.

Some of these include:

See Your Design Before Building

With 3D design software, you are able to see your pool design before we start building. This is the case for 2D designs as well, but the 3D renderings make it easier to fully visualize the design. The software even adds poolside furniture, the sounds of rippling water, and other details to help you fully connect with your new pool.

Visualize the Pool in Context

Our 3D pool designs include the area around the pool, including any existing or desired landscaping. This allows you to see the pool in context rather than just seeing a general design without any surrounding elements. We not only design gorgeous pools but can also ensure that the surrounding area looks great and complements the pool. Our design software helps us achieve this goal.

Make Adjustments Easily

The software we use allows us to make adjustments to the design easily. If you want to add water features, adjust the landscaping, switch the deck material, or make any other change, we can show you what it would look like. This makes it easy to ensure you love the design.

Start the Pool Design Process

If you’re ready to get the pool of your dreams, we can help. We are the only Master Pools Guild member in Tucson and have extensive pool building experience. We can design a luxurious custom pool that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

To learn more about building a pool in Tucson, contact us today.