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August 23, 2021

Creating the pool of your dreams involves more than planning how it will look. A luxurious design will also include features that make maintenance easier and that make your pool more eco-friendly. Energy-efficient pools are better for the environment and save you money on operating costs.

Some features you can add to make your pool more efficient include:

LED Lights

Light-emitting diode (LED) pool lights are brighter than incandescent bulbs while also using less energy. This can translate into significant cost savings over time. While incandescent bulbs cost up to $1 each day, LED lights cost only pennies to run for the same length of time. In addition to a lower operating cost, LED bulbs last up to three times as long as incandescent light. They also look great and can be programmed to change colors, allowing you to create your own personal light show.

In-Floor Cleaning System

An A&A in-floor cleaning and circulation system uses Venturi technology to cycle water effectively while also hydraulically sweeping your pool’s floor.  There are many benefits to installing this system beyond the convenience of automatic cleaning. It circulates water throughout the pool, rather than only moving water at the top like a traditional system. This keeps the temperature consistent while also ensuring pool chemicals don’t become concentrated in one area. The A&A system also produces energy through the Venturi. Overall, this feature can provide up to 50% energy savings.

Variable Speed Pump

The pump acts as the heart of your pool’s circulation system and has a large impact on the energy efficiency of your pool overall. A variable speed pump adapts to the current circulation requirements of your pool. For example, it might use more power when a water feature is running. A single-speed pump, by comparison, always runs at the same speed even if this is more powerful than is necessary. Because of this, these are no longer permitted to be installed with new pool constructions in Arizona. Even a two-speed pump will be less efficient than the variable speed option and the latter will often pay for itself in energy savings within less than two years.

The Role of Maintenance

In addition to features that increase energy efficiency, you can also keep your pool running smoothly by keeping up with all necessary maintenance. If your pool is not clean, your circulation system needs to work harder. Dirty parts can also begin to work less effectively over time. Luckily, features like pool automation and a poolside chlorine feeder make it easy to keep everything running smoothly.

Build A Beautiful and Efficient Pool

At Pools by Design, we consider both form and function throughout the process of designing and building your custom pool. We use the best technology available for energy efficiency and can help you determine which features work best for your needs and desires. We are the only member of the Master Pools Guild in Tucson and have the expertise to make your dream pool a reality.

If you want to build an energy-efficient pool, contact us today.