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Having an outdoor BBQ next to your pool is ideal during the spring and summer seasons. It gives you the opportunity to take advantage of beautiful weather, spend time with friends, and bond with your family. Here at Pools By Design, we offer many ways for you to customize your space to your liking. Building a pool is a lengthy and expensive process. You want to make sure you are getting good use out of your money. Adding a kitchen component to your outdoor space creates the incentive to spend more time outside with friends and family. Good food complements any social outing. This is why having a BBQ feature in your backyard will enhance any event you may hold out there.

Why limit yourself to your inside kitchen?

Where to Put your Outside Barbeque?

Strategically placing your grill in a prime location next to your pool can enhance the atmosphere of your backyard oasis. Nothing beats relaxing with good company, a cold beverage in hand, and the smell of steaks wafting through the air. When deciding what type of grill you want, you should be asking yourself some basic questions. What kinds of foods do you want to cook? What size gatherings do you often have? Most people decide which BBQ they want in their backyard based on its performance. If you like to prepare simple meals like hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, and veggies, then you are going to want to purchase a gas or charcoal grill.

Updating your Grill

If you already have a BBQ, updating it can bring a whole new look to your outdoor space. There are many different ways to make your old BBQ look as good as new. Repairing and updating your current BBQ with new parts can help make it run as smoothly as possible. You can also stock up on state of the art barbeque accessories like warming racks and heat plates that will make your old barbeque perform as if it’s brand new.

If you are looking for something a little more intricate than a barbeque, there are many other options to consider. A pizza oven is a unique addition to your outdoor space, one that would be sure to be a conversation starter. Pizza ovens can be used for not only just making delicious homemade pizzas, but also different types of bread, meats, and cakes. The implementation of this unique oven leads to a unique experience that will leave an impression on your guests. Along with pizza ovens, there are different types of rotisseries, smokers, and even teppanyaki style flat top cookers that can be a unique choice for your backyard.

Whether you are customizing a barbeque or some outdoor cooking equipment, keep in mind the benefits of having an outdoor sink. Installing a sink outside makes entertaining and cooking much more convenient. You also consider other useful outdoor kitchen appliances like a refrigerator to keep your raw meats and other ingredients fresh and ready to go.

Customize a Backyard Pool with Us Today

Your backyard is just as important as the inside of your home. The aesthetic appeal, as well as the comfort of your backyard oasis, can determine how much time you spend at your house. Incorporating cooking equipment into your backyard can lead to fun-filled gatherings that create lasting memories. A backyard barbeque setup creates a convenience factor for hosting. Hosting large or small parties can be stressful, but having everything that you need for a party all in the same area can relieve the many stressors that sneak in. The possibilities are endless with a fun and creative outdoor barbeque set up.

Outdoor BBQ

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