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November 15, 2021

At Pools by Design, we use wet-mix shotcrete to construct beautiful custom pools. Shotcrete pools are durable, highly customizable, and look great. Our highly-skilled team has the expertise and experience necessary to apply shotcrete effectively.

What is Shotcrete?

Shotcrete is concrete that is shot out of a hose with high-pressure air. There are two different methods for applying shotcrete. In the wet mix method, which we use for our pools, the concrete is mixed in trucks before application For dry-mix application (also called gunite), the cement mixes with water inside the hose.

The Shotcrete Process

We apply shotcrete after building the rebar frame for your pool. We protect your home, walls, and landscaping with plastic sheeting before we begin the application process and will collect all wash-out. Our crew uses a specialized nozzle to spray the concrete onto the frame, creating your pool shell. We will check the thickness of the shell and ensure everything is structurally sound before continuing with construction. After applying the shotcrete, we will perform an extensive site clean-up.

Watching the shotcrete application process can be interesting and it’s one of the steps when you’ll see the biggest transformation. However, for your safety, you should only watch from a distance. Stay away from the shotcrete shell for at least three hours to allow it to harden properly. Make sure you keep kids and pets away from the area as well.

Benefits of Shotcrete Pools

There are three main types of inground swimming pools: fiberglass, vinyl liner, and shotcrete. Fiberglass pools are made from shells that are manufactured in factories offsite. Vinyl liner pools have a thin lining over a steel frame. We believe the shotcrete pools are the best option and this is why we use this material for our builds.

Some of the benefits of shotcrete pools include:

Highly Customizable

With a fiberglass pool, you are limited to pre-made shapes, sizes, and depths. You’ll need to find a shell that fits your vision rather than being able to design a pool based on your unique aesthetic preferences. Vinyl liner pools do have some flexibility in this regard, but since the material isn’t as strong, there are more limits to what you can do.

When using shotcrete, we have much more flexibility in what we can design and build. We can create a pool that is truly unique to you with a custom shape and additional features. This is the biggest benefit of concrete for pool building and a concrete pool can be a custom work of art.


This is an advantage over vinyl liner pools in particular. The liner in this type of pool is very thin and it’s easy to damage it, so you’ll have to exercise caution when swimming and probably won’t be able to let dogs in the pool.


If you take care of your shotcrete pool properly, it can last for decades to come. We build our pools with the best materials available so you can trust in their longevity.

Build a Shotcrete Pool in Tucson, AZ

If you are interested in a custom pool, we can help. We are the only Master Pools member in Southern Arizona and we have the skills to build your dream pool.

Contact us today to learn more about shotcrete pool construction.