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Building an in-ground spa will take your backyard to the next level. Your new hot tub will be a great place to relax with your family or to entertain guests. At Pools by Design, we help our clients create custom spas that match their individual aesthetics and use state-of-the-art technology.

If you are looking for spa ideas, we’ve put together a few examples from our portfolio to get you started. You can use elements of these designs for inspiration and if you work with us, we’ll help you turn your dream spa into reality. 

Spillover Spa With Stone Tiles

Full View

A spillover spa idea with stone tiles and a travertine deck

Spillover spas are a popular choice because they create a clear visual connection between your pool and your spa. They also allow you to place both elements in the same area, making it easy to move between them. 

For this particular spillover spa, we used a beautiful stone tile design. This natural aesthetic complements the spa’s surroundings. Earth tones look particularly gorgeous in Arizona with our desert landscape. 

This spa and the surrounding pool deck use travertine. This not only matches well with the natural look and feel of the design but also is cool to the touch and slip-resistant. 


A close-up of water flowing out of a spillover spa in Tucson, AZ

One benefit of a spillover spa is that as the water falls into the pool below, it provides calming background noise. Watching the water flow over the edge is incredibly soothing. 

In this design, you can see that the stone tile shape changes between the back of the spa and the front. This creates a pleasing visual contrast while still maintaining a consistent style. 

Spillover Spa With Blue Tiles and Stonework

Front View

Blue pool tiles on the front of a spillover hot tub

For this spa, we used blue tiles for the portion facing the pool and stonework for the back. The blue tiles reflect beautifully in the pool water below and help the spa stand out against the desert backdrop. 

Back View

The back of an in-ground spa with stonework

This shot shows off the stone tiles on the back of this spa design. This pool also uses travertine. In general, this is a great option to place around spas, both for safety reasons (slip resistance) and for its aesthetic appeal. 

Contemporary Pool and Spillover Spa

Full View

A contemporary pool design with a spillover spa

This pool and spa combination has a more contemporary look. The angular pool shape, gray tiles, and travertine coping all contribute to the modern aesthetic. 

The spa spills over into the pool, but it does so in a unique way compared to post other spillover spa designs. Instead of a single stream of water, there are several tiled steps that the water flows over into the pool.  


A close-up of the steps of a hot tub that spills into the pool, a unique spa idea

In this photo, you can see the steps clearly. Imagine the soothing sound of this spa. Along with the other water features this pool includes, this design creates a resort-like oasis.

Minimalist Spa Within an Infinity Pool

Full View

An infinity pool with a minimalist spa design on the same level

The previous spas in this article have been spillovers, but this is by no means your only option. You could opt for a spa that is on the same level as your pool instead. In this design, the spa is directly inside the pool. 

The spa border uses the same color tiles as the rest of the pool, creating a subtle barrier and keeping the pool and spa fully integrated. There is a seamless transition from the spa to the pool and from the infinity edge to the surrounding landscape. 


A close-up of the edge of a spa in a pool

In this shot, you can see that the spa is slightly elevated compared to the pool water. This slight variation makes it easy for swimmers to know where the spa, but is more subtle when viewed from above. 

The bright pool of the tiles contrasts with the poolside fire features, making this pool and spa feel inviting and refreshing.

Start The Spa Design Process

If the above designs have inspired you, turn your spa ideas into a reality with Pools by Design. We can create a custom pool and spa and also design outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and other backyard elements to complement your pool. 

To discuss spa ideas and get an estimate for your design, contact us today.