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August 30, 2021

There are many reasons why an older pool may no longer look or function the way you would like anymore. Pool renovation can renew your swimming pool’s appeal and revitalize your backyard. We can complete extensive remodeling so your pool will feel brand new.

Some signs you should consider renovating your swimming pool:

1. Your Pool’s Style is Outdated

Pool trends have changed over the years. If you have had your pool for a while or if you moved into a home with an older pool, the aesthetic may be outdated. You may not enjoy showing off your pool and having company over as much as you would if the look were more modern.

2. The Aesthetic Doesn’t Match Your Personal Tastes

If someone else built your pool, it may fit their tastes, but not yours. For example, a pool that was designed for large parties may not be a good fit for a household with small children, or vice versa. The aesthetic may also not match your preferences and some updates can make it feel more personalized to you.

3. Your Pool Requires Frequent or Extensive Repairs

Some pool problems, such as a faulty part, don’t require a full renovation. Instead, a simple repair may resolve the issue. However, if you notice that you are constantly needing to fix your pool, it may be time for a more extensive remodeling job.

This is especially true if there are issues with the walls, such as cracks that keep reappearing. These types of concerns can indicate a problem with the foundation, which you should address sooner than later.

4. You Have Safety Concerns

Pool safety is essential and a renovation can add valuable safety features that your original pool may lack. You may have added children or grandchildren to your family since building the pool and may now benefit from features that wouldn’t have been on your mind before. Some options include an extended shallow end or sun shelf and a slip-resistant travertine deck.

5. You Want to Add Features

Renovation can take your pool to the next level with additional features and design elements. You can incorporate water features such as fountains, a grotto, or a waterfall.

One great renovation to consider is adding an inground spa. This integrates with your pool design much more elegantly than a detached hot tub and you can remodel your pool at the same time to ensure a consistent aesthetic.

Pool Renovation Ideas

At Pools by Design, we perform extensive pool renovations and can combine different options to help revitalize your pool. By the end of the process, we aim to create a new and improved design. Keep in mind that we would typically combine the ideas below rather than completing them on their own.

Some ideas for remodeling your pool:

  • Upgrade the finish to PebbleTec.
  • Redo the pool deck to include high-end materials or a more modern color.
  • Adjust the depth and/or size.
  • Change the shape.
  • Replace the coping.

Renovate Your Pool or Build a New Pool

If you are interested in extensive pool renovation or a new pool in Tucson, contact us today.