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August 23, 2021

When dreaming of the tropics, you likely envision lush greenery, warm weather, sparkling blue water, and plenty of sun. A tropical-themed custom pool is perfect for bringing the feeling of an exotic getaway to your backyard. Tropical swimming pools add a luxurious, resort feel that is sure to amaze you for years to come.

Here are some common elements of a tropical pool:

1. Pool Shape

Pools with a tropical theme are often freeform pools, meaning instead of the traditional sharp corners and angles of rectangle shape, the pool is designed with the dramatic curves and lines of a natural body of water. They don’t conform to a standard shape or size, so choosing one is an excellent way to maximize your swimming space. The naturalistic designs flow easily and have a tropical aesthetic.

Add a beach entry and your tropical lagoon is on its way.

The vanishing edges of an infinity edge pool work well with areas that have a beautiful view to the horizon. These pools feature a water’s edge that spills over into a catch basin below, giving the edge an appearance of disappearing into the horizon. This approach to a tropical pool will maximize the local view and create a spectacular effect.

2. Pool Features

Nothing says tropical paradise like a grotto, cave, or a waterfall.  A grotto or cave in your tropical design can bring in a feeling of seclusion and privacy and you can even add a rock waterfall and/or fire elements to really bring home an exotic feel. Waterfalls also add a feeling of luxury, beauty, serenity, and the delightful acoustics of moving water to a poolscape. The flowing sound of the falls is soothing and relaxing. Some pool owners like to combine their waterfall with a slide element for added fun.

Choosing the right interior finish for your pool is important when creating a tropical look. The right finish can change the color of the pool water from a bright turquoise to deep ocean blue, enhancing the beachy vibe. Add colorful coping or mosaics to your pool for that extra tropical flare.

3. Landscaping

Creating the perfect tropical paradise extends beyond just your pool.  Adding the right landscape design will ensure you get the tropical look and feel that you are going for. Consider surrounding the pool areas with lush tropical bushes, trees, stones, rocks, and boulders. Adding a fire pit, hot tub, or outdoor grill along with poolside seating can create an outdoor gathering place for your friends and family.

There are many tropical plants that can be successful in the Tucson climate. Palm trees like the piru queen palm, pigmy palms, and sago palms are drought resistant and they can provide shade for your pool and for smaller, more fragile tropical plants and shrubs. Add bold and bright trees, bushes, flowers, and ornamental plants like hibiscus, tropical birds of paradise, and fountain grass to enhance the tropical feeling.

Complete the area’s look with ground cover plants. Every time you step out of your back door you will feel like you have entered your own secluded tropical oasis.

Build Your Dream Pool

Building a tropical pool in Arizona can provide you with the look and feel of a vacation getaway, and Pools by Design is here to help. We are the only Master Pools Guild member in Southern Arizona. Make us your top choice for your tropical pool construction.

Contact us today to learn about our tropical pool designs.